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10 Bar Tool Essentials | Best Equipment for Home & Pros!

In this video I recommend some of my favorite bar tools and essentials, tried and tested in real bars over the years. These bar accessories are great for home use as well as professionally behind the bar. I also share the specifics of why certain bar equipment works better for certain uses, and do some bar tool comparisons. What are some of your favorite tools?

0. Intro 0:00
1. jigger 0:43
2. shaker 2:49
3. hawthorne strainer 4:11
4. fine mesh strainer 6:06
5. mixing glass 6:26
6. spoon 7:29
7. knife 8:25
8. wine key 8:59
9. juicer 9:39
10. muddler: 10:18
11. bonus 11:28

My workhorse double jigger by OXO:
Japanese style jigger by Cocktail Kingdom:
My go-to large shaking tin by Cocktail Kingdom:
My go-to small cheater tin by Cocktail Kingdom:
Hawthorne strainer by OXO:
Hawthorne strainer by Cocktail Kingdom:
Fine mesh strainer by RSVP:
My favorite mixing glass by Mofado:
Hoffman barspoon by Cocktail Kingdom:
Serrated utility knife by Cuisinart:
Straight paring knife Victorinox:
Single hinged wine key by True:
Double hinged wine key by True:
Hand juicer by Rasse:
Muddler by Barvivo:

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Co-produced with the lovely Azusa “Az” Inaba 🎥 🎨