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21 Kitchen Gadgets You Should Own (or Not)

I’ve always been curious about kitchen gadgets, so I put 21 as seen on TV kitchen gadgets to test to see if they’re worth it or not!

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Defrosting Tray:
Knife Sharpener:
Wow Bacon:
Herb Scissors:
Egg Cracker:
Citrus Sprayer:
Mini Bag Sealer:
Tater Mitts:
Moo Mixer:
Pop Wine Opener:
Quick Chips:
Flippin Fantastic:
Slushy Magic:
Pretzel Maker:
Slap Chop:
Crumby Mini Vacuum:
Egg Scrambler:
Silicone Egg Poachers:
Icepo Ice Cream Scoop:

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