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ALUMICUT (ONE) can only

ALUMICUT is an exceptional lubricating substance for dealing with light weight aluminum, bronze, brass light steel, copper, as well as plastics.ALUMICUT kinds a reliable severe stress lubricating limit in between the job as well as the device surface area making or else challenging procedures a breeze.ALUMICUT removes galling, gouging, and also tearing of product, plus promptly quits steel chip pile-up on devices and also expands device life considerably.ALUMICUT can be made use of for exploration, touching, threading, bring up, boxing, grinding, marking, creating, as well as numerous various other tooling operations.ALUMICUT is entirely safe, eco-friendly, as well as will certainly not trigger fracturing or drying out of the skin. ALUMICUT is the very first in-class when a naturally degradable reducing liquid is asked for in your setting, it is completely non-corrosive to light weight aluminum, titanium, steel, and also magnesium.

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