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Amazing Non Stick POTS Making in Local Factory | Cookware Pots Manufacturing Process

In this Video, We will show Amazing Non Stick Pots Making in Local Factory
We Show all Manufacturing Process step by step, So watch Complete Video..
It is best Non Stick Pots for Kitchen Cooking Process..

|__ Chapters 👇 __|
0:00 Aluminium
0:7 Melt the Aluminium
1:15 Rolling Process for Aluminium Sheet
1:40 Cutting the Circle Edge
2:08 Shaping the Pots Body
3:13 Cutting the Pots Corner
3:36 Shaving and Cleaning Process
4:33 Sanding Process
4:56 Coat the Non Stick Color and Heating Process
5:58 Designing the Outer Pots Body
6:52 Handle Fitting
7:43 Final Cleaning and Packing
8:14 Final Review
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