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✿ thanks for the assistance for 4 entire years! wow!!
✿ joys to a lot more ✧.

☛ come claim hi! my blog site is resuming after respite with this video clip!
☛ find out about gin below also!

hi! thanks a lot for 7k! i seriously never ever assumed this network would certainly make it this much
i’m honored of this, although there are a great deal of components i really did not such as so a lot
i attempted to stress that the closer we reached completion, the extra difficult points ended up being however the even more lovely
i hope i conveyed that well ^ ^.

↯ view my very first animatic for my au below! (it’s not the most effective and also the sound is screwed up however it’s still great).

i’ve been working with this animatic on and also off for months.
i was intended to launch it on gin’s birthday celebration (might 8th) however you understand just how that went lol.
I chose for a trailer for this video clip rather on that day and also i’m really delighted!
you can actually see my art boost and also pen setups transform throughout the video clip,.
i dealt with this extremely linearly as well as without storyboards like a moron LMAO.

✂ animatic track: flatware (acapella cover) – JohnBlue.
✂ outro track: flatware (acoustic prepare) – SAKI.