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How to Amazing Non stick Cookware Set is made in factory | Interesting Process 😲☝

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Just How to Amazing Non stick Cookware Set is made in manufacturing facility Process.
We Show Interesting Manufacturing Process regarding Non stick Cooking Pan Pots.
It is Used Food Grade Aluminium and also Food Grade Double Non Stick Coating.
It is High Quality Cookware Set which Exporting to WorldWide.

00:00 Trailer.
0:14 Aluminium Melting Process and also transforming to Bricks.
1:10 Heating Process to Aluminium Bricks.
1:51 Rolling Process for Aluminium Sheet.
2:36 Cutting the Aluminium Sheet.
3:05 Cutting with Circle Shape.
3:28 Circle sheet transformed to Pot form with Machine.
4:20 Cutting the Side circle Corner.
4:54 Logo for Branding.
5:03 Shaving cleansing Pots Body.
5:46 Washing Process.
6:07 Sanding Process.
6:31 Tested Food Grade Non-Stick Double Coating Process.
7:14 Black Color Coating to Outer Body for Designing.
7:58 Designing the pots and pans Bottom as well as Side body.
8:41 Fitting Handle Process.
9:52 Branding.
9:59 Final Review.

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