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How To Make Johnny Cakes with Chef Dawn Burrell | Made In Cookware

In this week’s episode, Chef Dawn Burrell, of Houston’s forthcoming Late August, gives us the ultimate blend of sweet and savory. She pairs johnny cakes, the cornmeal precursor to pancakes with fresh corn cream and candied bacon. Though the resulting plate is impressive, Chef Burrell breaks down the steps in an easy and approachable way. This is the perfect inaugural recipe for our Griddle—its wide, dual-zone cooking surface gives you plenty of space to cook the johnny cakes on one side, while using the other as a warming station.

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Video Breakdown:

0:00 Start
0:01 How To Make Johnny Cakes
0:35 Ingredients
0:57 Prep/Cook Corn Cream
2:04 Sorghum Glaze
2:25 Make Johnny Cakes
4:40 How To Cook Bacon
5:16 Made In Griddle Johnny Cakes
6:20 Plate & Serve Johnny Cake

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