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Sharpening Garden Shears with a Whetstone

Boeshield T-9.

Initially I attempted making use of an inexpensive whetstone, yet it was really soft and also would certainly not remain level long, so I changed to my DMT ruby rocks, which offered me far better outcomes. I increased to 6000 grit, however truly 600 is excellent sufficient for yard shears.

DMT 8 ″ ruby rock Extra Fine.

There are more affordable alternatives for ruby rocks, yet I have actually discovered that several of the 2-sided ones do not remain level since the steel is slim. I such as the DMT rocks with thick steel plates.

In this video clip I am honing my yard shears, also known as bush shears, so I can reduce my yucca plant. This kind of yard shear is relatively simple to hone if you are acquainted with developing blades or blades.

Devices utilized in this task: (Amazon associate web links).
DMT 8 ″ ruby rock Coarse.

Naniwa 6000 grit ruby rock.

Just how to Make a Lapping Plate for Sharpening:

DMT 8 ″ ruby rock Fine.

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