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soto PREMIUM PUTTY + SPACKLE KNIFE SCRAPER – Flexible stainless steel blade + solid wood handle. Use for: Applying spackle + wood filler, scraping paint, applying mud drywall, removing wall paper (2")

PREMIUM QUALTY – Flexible stainless steel blade and solid wood handle

ENGINEERED FOR MANY USES – Use for filling holes with spackle (try our Spackle Kit), applying wood filler, scraping off old paint, applying mud to seams in new drywall, removing old wall paper, removing grout from tiles, loosening baseboard from wall, applying caulking, and much more

STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – Rust-resistent mirror polished high tensil flexible stainless steel blade with precision edge designed to deliver a premium finish while lasting a lifetime

BEECH WOOD HANDLE – High-quality beech wood handle delivers comfortable grip that elegantly fits in any size hand

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