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The BEST Bar Tools for Making BETTER Drinks!

Today, I’m revealing you my 8 necessary bar devices to make wonderful beverages in your home! When you’re making beverages, I’ll after that dive right into various other suggest devices that aren’t vital however will certainly make your life a little simpler. All the things discussed can be discovered by means of web links listed below (associate web links).


00:00 Intro
00:24 Cocktail Shaker
01:05 Japanese Jigger
01:26 12″ Bar Spoon
01:52 Hawthorne Strainer
02:30 Knife + Chopping Board
02:59 Citrus Juicer
03:18 Ice Moulds
03:55 Complete Bar Kit
04:24 Mixing Glass
05:05 Peeler
05:55 Fine Strainer
06:26 Muddler
06:50 Microplane
07:01 Funnel
07:16 Lewis Bag + Mallet
07:41 Julep Strainer

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