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Zulay Kitchen Bacon Grease Container With Strainer – 1L Stainless Steel Cooking Oil Container With Lid & Handle – Large Ghee Container or Bacon Fat Container Perfect For Storing Fats & Frying Oils

With the Zulay Kitchen Bacon Grease Container, you can currently save the valuable smokey & mouthwatering taste of pure oil with convenience. Cover can be shut without getting rid of the strainer.Bacon Grease Makes Everything Better: From food preparation eggs to turning pancakes, you can not refute that bacon oil includes that savory unique touch. Conserve cash by recycling the scrumptious bacon oil rather of purchasing oil, sprays, or readily packaged bacon grease.Filters & Stores Efficiently: Extend the life of your tasty bacon oil by putting the thawed bacon fat via the filter, maintaining the equipped cover on your container and also keeping it in the fridge.

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